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Hannah Health is my guidance towards elevated health and getting in touch with yourself.


I coach individuals into a higher quality of life through balanced eating patterns and uplifting lifestyle habits that are both attainable and sustainable.

My approach is food focused, but not entirely. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t solely revolve around healthy food! Our well being is also extremely influenced by our environment and way of life beyond what we eat. I intertwine all that is holistic by integrating ancient methodologies with new. 

Although everyone's day to day is different - a healthier lifestyle is within reach. Whatever the circumstance, I will work with you to get to your goals and have you feeling confident around your choices and new perspectives. 


You are much more powerful than you know, and are capable of taking your health into your own hands by discovering what works best for you with direction from a professional.

Lifestyle changes can be demanding, so I guide my clients gradually to ensure that any shifts are not daunting or overwhelming. Through internal and external practices, I can help you feel healthier, clear & energized. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, you feel good.


Similarly to many of us working in the wellness world, my personal health journey is what brought me into my studies.

Today I find myself flourishing in helping anyone that I can. My experience, combined with my education, allows me to effectively navigate others into a happy and healthful lifestyle. 

I am fascinated by the role that the gut has on the brain, and am passionate in educating others on the link between the two. Coming from a history of severe anxiety, heavy medication use, high stress, extreme disordered eating, amenorrhea, hypothyroidism and being celiac, I know first-hand about the challenges that it takes to heal.  

Growing up with clinical anxiety I struggled to do day to day things. It was debilitating. I was put on anxiety medication at the age of 10, and stayed on it until I was 20 in order to help me get by.

When I was very young I was never overweight, but once I stopped being active, stopped paying attention to what I put in my body, started taking birth control and was surrounded by a toxic lifestyle, my health started to decline. My body was extremely inflamed inside and out, and my mental state started spiralling again. This continued throughout high school, until my graduating year, when I found out I was Celiac.

Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease was unsettling, but actually ended up being a blessing. It forced me to take my health seriously and this shifted gears for me. I removed gluten from my diet, and sought out the support of a naturopathic doctor to help me heal.

I was able to wean off my anxiety medication through proper diet, supplement protocols & lifestyle habits. Once I was off the gluten, medication and birth control, I noticed a huge lift in my quality of life and it really put things into perspective. 

This sparked my curiosity and interest in the gut brain connection, and drove me into studying integrative Health more deeply. After the realization that my passions lie within alternative health and my career would reside in alternative healing, I decided to complete my certification at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner.

I am highly dedicated to providing the support needed and up to date knowledge for those undergoing any health conditions and/or any specific nutrition goals. I am devoted to coaching my client’s to ensure they thrive and find clarity.

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