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“I absolutely loved working with Hannah. She created a plan centred around my preferences and needs first and foremost, and it never felt restrictive or boring. And on top of that, the recipes were incredibly delicious. As someone who doesn’t cook, she simplified cooking for me and allowed me to learn numerous recipes that were so tasty and healthy. It never felt like a diet—I just managed to learn a whole new lifestyle and change my relationship with food to the better.”

- Mo S., Los Angeles

“Hannah hasn’t been the first nutritionist I’ve worked with but she will definitely be my last! I came to Hannah extremely overwhelmed and frustrated. Years of following other people’s dieting ‘advice’ has lead to unexplained weight gain and annoying skin issues. Right from the start she was able to clarify a lot of misinformation about these ‘fad’ diets. She walked me through the pros and cons of each and helped me understand my own personal responses to them. Without judgment or ridicule, she was able to create a beautifully personalized meal plan based not only on foods I enjoy but textures and temperature as well. Hannah’s approach has been the very definition of holistic. I often forgot we were there to discuss food as she was very keen on supporting my mental and emotional health as well. She’s given me so many simple yet highly effective lifestyle changes that are still creating positive outcomes today. She also reminded me of what I was doing right and how to stay on track by listening to my own gut.. both literally and metaphorically :) ”

- Leigh B., Vancouver




“Hannah’s Healthies has allowed me to educate myself on nutritional habits to adopt for my own needs. I learnt how to nourish my body in order to feel, look and be my best. Her programs are clear and concise for everyone to use. She truly creates these guides to fit your OWN body and to see results. Overall great and eye-opening experience that will last me a lifetime!”

- Lea B., Montreal / Boston

“Hannah was great to work with. She was responsive and helpful whenever anything was needed! She really put thought and care into how she was putting together a plan for me. I would recommend and have recommended her over and over again to anyone who’s trying to change to more than just their diet by changing their nutrition!”

- Derek W., Seattle 

"I’ve worked with Hannah for over a year now. She has helped me with so many aspects of my nutrition. Whether it’s dealing with my IBS or managing a low histamine diet, she has jumped all those hurdles for me. Hannah made me feel so comfortable and well taken care of! I tell anyone and everyone that’s looking to jumpstart or tweak or perfect their nutrition journey to contact Hannah because she does such a thorough job! 20/10 would recommend."

- Shadya M., Ottawa

"Hannah worked very hard to find nutrition solutions that fit my goals and lifestyle. The meal plans and recipes she put together were always clear, easy to follow and came with plenty of options to keep the meals new and interesting. She was always attentive and incredibly pleasant to engage with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to for a convenient solution improving their nutrition and health!"

- John W., United Kingdom

"Hannah is a lovely human being inside and out. I approached her a couple of years ago regarding my nutrition journey. I’ve spent my entire life having major food issues, indigestion, IBS, eating disorder, etc. When I approached Hannah she gave me a free consultation to talk about my needs without having to commit to anything. Hannah then figured out what plan would work best for me with my budget. She then carefully crafted a meal plan for meal tailored to my needs. I was very excited to start the process and didn’t think too much about the foods I didn’t really like. She spent so much time carefully creating a meal plan and when it didn’t have what I wanted she went back to the drawing board and came up with something perfect. Her own health journey is very inspiring and she cares a lot about her clients. This isn’t a one size fits all journey and she is very thoughtful and careful when planning out how to best help someone on their journey to change their life. She is a great nutritionist and an even greater human. She genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Hannah if they’ve been struggling with nutrition and food issues."

- Alison D., Ottawa

"I always heard about the 70/30 rule for weight loss. I decided to reach out to Hannah to take control of my eating habits. I was not someone who ate terribly to begin with, or so I thought. Hannah helped me with much more than better eating habits, she helped me understand nutrition. I am not dieting, I am reading labels, and recognizing what my body needs and doesn’t need."

- Laura M., Ottawa

"Hannah is amazing! Her health plans are so well thought out, and was completely tailored to me and my needs based on the thorough questionnaire I had to complete beforehand. All of the food options are super varied! She also provides you with lots of nutritional information, helping you understand the health benefits of the specific foods, focussing on internal health rather than just physical! She is so kind and understanding, and really cares about her clients and helping them reach their goals. I cant recommend her enough!"

- Jasmine A., United Kingdom

"I’ve been a client of Hannah’s for about a year now. She has helped me so much with understanding my body. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my health in just one year. Hannah helped me with acid reflux and weight loss. I went on meal plans that helped me reduce my acid. The meal plans were delicious and so nutritious. I felt AMAZING all the time.Full of energy and my skin was glowing. Hannah is so patient and understanding. You can tell how much she loves what she does and how eager she is to help and solve any issues you’re having."

- Haneen B., Ottawa

"Hannah is an incredibly dedicated and compassionate nutritionist that goes above and beyond. She truly listened to me and made me feel heard. She worked with me to create realistic, attainable goals that actually made a difference. I’m so grateful for her expertise and approach."

- Berkley V., Victoria BC

"I have loved working with Hannah so much. I started out not knowing how to properly nourish my body with food and now I feel confident knowing what to look for and how to prepare healthy meals for the week. All of the recipes have been amazing and Hannah takes into account all of your food preferences when making the plans so you never feel deprived. I did the eight week meal plan and will continue to follow up to get more recipes as the seasons change. I would recommend her to anyone that would like to up their nutrition!"

- Holly E., Victoria BC

"I approached Hannah with a chief concern of serious fatigue and generally, needing help supporting my lifestyle with an improved diet. I was so impressed with Hannah's knowledge and her attention to detail. She adjusted each plan to work with my travel schedule and even considered meals & leftovers for my partner. The meal plans and communication were so supportive and kind without being overwhelming. A balance she strikes so well in her overall approach.  

I worked with Hannah for 3 months and from then until now I am a completely different person in the way I approach food. My energy levels are up, my sleeping is better and I am NEVER bloated. Thank you, Hannah, for the work you do. It's so important!"

- Andi W., Ucluelet BC

"Having my partner feeling so good and strong, and being so supportive, was an unexpected byproduct of this program. He said this is the only time in his life he has been able to increase his load at the gym, while also losing fat, and has so much more energy.

Our meal plans gave us a framework that I will probably follow for the rest of my life because it helped me understand how to nourish my body in a way that was energizing and also got me to the results that I wanted.

I loved the creative meals, and some of them will stay with me forever, but most of all the framework/structure and the feeling that I’ve had from eating a certain amount of protein with every meal is the thing that will stick the most. Knowing what the right amount of protein looks and feels like has been so helpful - when I am out at dinner for example I feel very empowered to now be making these decisions. I have felt super supported throughout this program by Hannah and her words, and from someone who has struggled with an eating disorder in the past, I was really nervous to turn my attention towards food again but I am so glad I did. This really jived with my intuitive eating and I feel even more well equipped to nourish my body and I am so grateful to you Hannah for helping me get here. Not just from a physical results perspective, but also the psychological benefits about having this kind of confidence about feeding myself. The ‘snatching’ is continuing to happen and I am so amazed at what is happening to my body, and again I am just so grateful for all the support."

- Tara M., Toronto ON

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